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Wine Transport is an art. Appellation Transport excels in it, providing expert wine relocation across all states of USA

Wine enthusiasts understand the importance of proper wine transport to preserve the flavor and quality of their beloved wines. Whether you are a collector, wine seller, or simply someone who enjoys a good glass of wine, finding a reliable wine shipping company is crucial. Appellation Wine Transport are the leading professional wine movers in temperature-controlled vehicles across all states of the USA.


Transporting wine requires specialized care and attention to ensure the wine’s delicate flavors and characteristics remain intact. Improper handling or exposure to extreme temperatures can result in spoiled wine and a disappointing experience for wine lovers, and the loss of a valued investment. Appellation Wine Transport recognizes this need and offers a dedicated service to meet the unique requirements of wine transportation.

The Importance of Wine Transportation

Wine is highly susceptible to changes in temperature, humidity, and exposure to light. Proper transportation is essential to maintain the integrity of the wine, allowing it to reach its destination in pristine condition. Appellation Wine Transport understands the significance of temperature control and employs state-of-the-art vehicles and hub warehouses to guarantee the optimal conditions for wine shipping.

Appellation Wine Transport: Professional Wine Transportation Services

3.1 Temperature Controlled Vehicles

Appellation Wine Transport prioritizes the quality and safety of your wine during transit. Their fleet of temperature-controlled vehicles ensures that your wine remains at the ideal temperature throughout the journey. These vehicles are equipped with advanced cooling and heating systems, allowing precise control of the internal environment.

3.2 Climate Controlled Facilities

All of Appellation Wine Transportation’s warehouse and hubs employ state-of-the-art climate control HVAC systems to ensure that when a pallet of wine arrives into a warehouse, or is cross-docked along the way, the way remains at 55 degrees at all time. These systems deploy back-up generator power in the event of a local power outage. They also have alarm systems set up to notify the facility manager if the temperature in any room or zone deviates from the target temp of 55 degrees.

3.3 Expertise in Wine Transport

With years of experience in the industry, Appellation Wine Transport has honed their expertise in handling wine shipments. Their team understands the unique requirements of wine transportation and follows best practices to safeguard your valuable bottles. From small collections to large-scale shipments, they can accommodate various needs with professionalism and care.

3.4 Nationwide Coverage

No matter where you are in the United States, Appellation Wine Transport can cater to your wine transportation needs. Their extensive network enables them to provide nationwide coverage, ensuring that your wine can be collected and delivered to any state with ease. You can rely on their services whether you’re shipping wine from California to New York or from Texas to Washington.

Safe and Secure Wine Shipping

4.1 Specialized Packaging

To ensure the utmost protection for your wine bottles, Appellation Wine Transport employs specialized packaging techniques. Appellation boxes are double-corrugated, including the insert dividers, it prevent any movement or breakage during transit. This attention to detail guarantees that your wine arrives in perfect condition.

4.2 Climate Control

Temperature fluctuations can significantly impact the quality of wine. Appellation Wine Transport maintains a controlled environment of 55 degrees Fahrenheit within their vehicles to counteract any external temperature variations. Your wine is shielded from extreme heat or cold, allowing it to remain in optimal condition throughout its journey.

4.3 Insurance Coverage

Appellation Wine Transport understands the value of your wine collection and offers comprehensive no-deductible insurance coverage. In the rare event of unforeseen circumstances during transportation, their insurance policy provides financial protection for your wine. This additional layer of security ensures peace of mind when entrusting your valuable wine to their care. Having a professional wine mover over regular movers, thus, is integral.

Hassle-Free Wine Collection and Delivery

5.1 Wine Collection Services

Appellation Wine Transport offers convenient wine collection services to simplify the shipping process for their customers. You can schedule a pickup at your desired location, whether it’s your residence, a wine shop, or a vineyard. Their team will handle the logistics, ensuring a smooth and efficient collection.

5.2 Timely Delivery

Prompt delivery is essential when shipping wine, especially for time-sensitive occasions or business operations. Appellation Wine Transport prioritizes timely delivery and takes pride in their reliable service. They strive to meet agreed-upon delivery schedules, allowing you to plan and receive your wine shipments when you need them.

How to Ship Wine with Appellation Wine Transport

Shipping wine with Appellation Wine Transport is a straightforward process. Follow these steps to ensure a seamless experience:

6.1 Step 1: Contact Appellation Wine Transport

Begin by contacting Appellation Wine Transport to discuss your wine transportation needs. Their friendly and knowledgeable staff will guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have.

6.2 Step 2: Provide Necessary Information

To facilitate a smooth shipment, provide the necessary details about your wine, including the number of bottles, origin, and destination. This information allows Appellation Wine Transport to prepare the appropriate packaging and make necessary arrangements for transportation.

6.3 Step 3: Packaging and Labeling

Appellation Wine Transport utilizes industry-standard packaging techniques to ensure the safety of your wine during transit. They will securely package each bottle and label the boxes with essential information for identification.

6.4 Step 4: Schedule Pickup

Coordinate with Appellation Wine Transport to schedule a pickup at your preferred location. Their team will arrive at the designated time to collect the packaged wine bottles, taking care to handle them with the utmost caution.

6.5 Step 5: Tracking and Delivery

Once your wine is in transit, Appellation Wine Transport provides tracking information, allowing you to monitor the progress of your shipment. You can stay informed about the estimated delivery date and make any necessary arrangements to receive the wine at its destination.

Wine Transport Near Me: Serving All States of USA

Appellation Wine Transport takes pride in their ability to serve customers across all states of the USA. No matter your location, their dedicated wine transportation services are available to fulfill your needs. With their extensive coverage, you can trust that your wine will reach its destination safely and efficiently.


When it comes to wine transportation, Appellation Wine Transport stands out as the best in the industry. Their professional services, temperature-controlled vehicles, and nationwide coverage make them the ideal choice for wine lovers across the United States. By prioritizing the preservation of wine quality and ensuring safe and secure shipping, Appellation Wine Transport delivers an exceptional experience for wine enthusiasts. Trust them to handle your wine collection with the utmost care and enjoy the convenience of their hassle-free wine mover service.


1. Is Appellation Wine Transport available for international wine shipping?

Appellation Wine Transport primarily operates within the United States. Their services are focused on wine transportation across all states of the USA.

2. Can I ship wine bottles of any size with Appellation Wine Transport?

Yes, Appellation Wine Transport can accommodate wine bottles of various sizes. Whether you have standard-sized bottles or larger formats like magnums, they have the expertise to handle different bottle dimensions securely.

3. How do I track my wine shipment with Appellation Wine Transport?

Appellation Wine Transport provides tracking information for your wine shipment. Once your wine is in transit, you will receive tracking details that allow you to monitor its progress. This enables you to stay informed about the estimated delivery date and plan accordingly.

4. Does Appellation Wine Transport offer wine storage services?

Appellation Wine Transport specializes in wine transportation rather than storage. However, they regularly coordinate with trusted partners to assist you with wine storage solutions all over the continental USA.. Feel free to inquire about storage options when discussing your wine transportation requirements.


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